Kennie:this bara ass kyouko in a bathtub
Kennie:playing with the soap
Sayaka McGiggles:giggling
Sayaka McGiggles:when the bubbles pop
Kennie:makes a crown of bubbles
Sayaka McGiggles:bEARd
Sayaka McGiggles:santa beard that smells of pomegranet
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im 99% sure at age 17 kyo still plays with the goddamn bubbles in a bubble bath

all this talk of gynoids and all i can think is

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pssst if any of you nerds are into mmos y’all should check out archeage and become members of my pirate crew js

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one of these days i want to put kyo in a situation where theyre morally compromised tbh

ultrix:[punches kyo]
1 week ago | 1

brokenblueknight said: I’m probably gonna say this a thousand times, but she’d get punched in the face by ultrix. As for seraph. Who knows omfg

im so sure ultrix would get so tired of kyos antics

[seraph voice] kyo why.

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[6:34:41 PM] Kennie: kyo just has this indestructible summonable horse mask
[6:34:52 PM] Kennie: what if they enchant that shit so it can float
[6:34:56 PM] Kennie: and shoot lazers

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kyos so damn turnt about this horse mask

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