gonna play some skyrim tbh

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rossofiore said: carring floret under their arm like a sack of potatos. both are completely casual about it

its like when you pick up a cat and it just kinda flops and accepts its position.

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dont care enought to change where that was posted

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please imagine that, for whatever reason, kyo just casually picks floret up(regardless of shift) with one hand and moves them out of the way
and gently sets them down on the side opposite of where theyd been

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rossofiore said: AGREED. needs 2 feel the cute

[kyo voice] i can still bench press you.

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kyo needs to interact with mascshift floret tbh

10 hours ago | 2

filiasusceptor said: [There’s still more Sayakas tbqh]

all this red and blue

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i feel like the conversation would be completely different if it were kyo talking about vampires tbh
"stuck up grouchy ass fuckbags"

please imagine kyo being so muscular they no longer have a neck.