kyo would care for queenie a lot tbh but even then they would want to balance it with their own health and yknow
considering they get stressed about having to take the crown in ostia someday, they arent going to want to be with someone who treats them poorly

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if haruki steals my screentime then what the hell kind of character am i

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let’s be real: we’re all gonna cheat

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kyo sealing their magic just to prove that even without it theyre still fucking ridiculously strong 

proktavia said: there was the wedding dress/tuxedo meme things for epsi on kyo if you wanna :o

woah seriously

did i miss it???
i think my activity page might be shitting itself :/
can i get a link friendo

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aside from kuroumaru
do i owe anyone replies anywhere

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mmm imma hop off and play some vidya for a bit

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Your First Impression of Me vs Impression of Me Now (Anonymous or Not)

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im so glad that this tag still exists

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im so damn excited about this tbh like i havent gotten to rp with her in forever its