realizing too late the irony of the fact that your muse’s fc is from Free! and they can’t swim

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my deal with kyousuke is that
he’s definitely the type who would go out with someone who asked him out without a second thought, even though he’s way too deep in his mindset of ‘practice practice practice’ to actually commit to it
so really, it would be an entirely one-sided relationship
and it would take whoever he’s dating bringing it up to him for him to really stop and think about it - even if he was confused and irritated at first

the first three words you see are what you want in life



looks at kyousuke muse

gently pushes him into another room

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i still cant get over how 2/4 of kyos timelines are madoka

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is there anything on kyo or kurou that need replying to?

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feelin a good twenty different levels of exhausted so
im probs gonna just do whatever replies come my way today and lurk
otherwise i dont think ill be very active

friendly reminder that kyo doesnt have any timelines with a sayaka or mami

waggles eyebrows

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entitled boys are gross and cant be trusted

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wait 1000 luxuries got taken down what why



dumb boys are the worst