important things to note

  • kyo is not proficient in healing magic in the slightest
  • kyo very rarely has even their passive barriers up when around regular people
  • while they have reaction time fast enough that they can very easily block or dodge most any attack, they can still get wounded if there’s an opening
  • they aren’t immune to poisons
  • they can still be physically harmed if they leave an opening

sometimes i forget how easy i am to startle

kyo’s actually able to monitor just how much heat they put off
which is why they normally only really sleep in their underwear tbh

during winter they have to be careful that they dont put off so much that they generate steam - especially if its raining or snowing
and hot weather, obviously, doesn’t bother them all that much

you could literally bake cookies on kyos abs tbh

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this is actually the first year where i won’t have to carry around twelve bricks in my backpack and that’s pretty nice

the only three riddles are citta are haruki, isuke, and nio


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boss and haruki are in the same apartment at citta and im

fucking losing it

im home from the first day of senior year

and boy howdy

its shaping up to be an interesting year

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my haruki is over here by the way
and she’s open to indie interaction

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im fucking losing it i
please let haruki wind up on the third street saints